Wanna jump start your Wait Loss? Lose the wait and stop procrastinating.
Get the 3 Day Wait Loss Plan™ and become unstoppable.

Coaching Programs

I coach women who are ready to Lose Wait.  Women who are tired of putting off their dreams, plans and passions/projects. Women who have decided that “someday” and “maybe later” just won’t cut it anymore. Let’s set up a quick chat (it’s totally free) and see if one of my Wait Loss Plans™ is right for you.

Quick Wait Loss Plan™
A two hour intensive & discovery session via Skype that will:
  • Identify your core resistance to Losing Wait.
  • Identify your top Wait Loss Priorities so you can focus your effort & energy.
  • Work through patterns of behavior that keep you stuck (in the proverbial “waiting room”)
  • Provide an easy to follow Wait Loss Plan that you can start implementing right away.
  • Experience the immediate gratification of a quick win and repeat as needed.
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