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Hi! I’m Ardenia!

The Type A Method is I used to procrastinate. A lot. My life was littered with unfinished projects and abandoned ideas. I’m what you call a perfectionist procrastinator. If you’re curious about what kind of procrastinator you are, enter your email above. The Wait Loss Revolution™ is for every woman who’s put off something important in her life. It’s for all of us juggling eleventy million things at once. It’s for anybody who wants her life back.

I was so busy with the daily grind and ceaseless hustle, that I rarely made time for personal goals. And I found myself waiting. Waiting on the right time to lose weight. Waiting on the right time to take better care of myself. Waiting on the right circumstances to overhaul my business. Waiting on the right “skills and credentials” to become an expert. Or take that dream vacay. And you know what? I finally got sick and tired of waiting.

“Life is what happens when you’re procrastinating.”

Then my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. And I realized that life’s too short to wait. She passed a year later and I made it my mission to honor her amazing life by living mine to the fullest. I don’t tell (you) this story to make you sad. I tell it to make you determined. If you’ve got something you’ve been meaning to do, do it! If you have a dream, pursue it! If you have a goal, get it! That’s the essence of The Wait Loss Revolution™ — helping women “Lose the Wait” and find time for what matters. Making goals happen today instead of waiting on someday. Get ready for the Wait Loss Adventure of a lifetime! (restrictive diets and calorie counting sold separately ;-)

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